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Lisbeth Scott is a composer/ singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Los Angeles, California.  She has recently completed scores for Universal's feature All My Life and their stunning silent film restoration of Stella Maris. Additionally, she has scored the gorgeous 2021 documentary “Gratitude Revealed “ by Moving Art/Netflix film creator Louie Schwartzberg.  Lisbeth was twice nominated for an Annie Award for her score to Amazon’s top children’s show Tumble Leaf and also received critical acclaim for her score to Netflix’s American Son. Scott has written music for over 50 films and television shows including compositions featured in Narnia, Concussion, and True Blood.

After raising goosebumps on the skin of all who have heard her sing in the 150 plus films that feature her voice and songs, Scott began scoring films several years ago.  Working for many years as a vocalist and collaborating closely with some of Hollywood’s top-tier composers including John Williams, Hans Zimmer, John Debney, Nathan Barr, and Harry Gregson Williams, it was a natural progression to focus her talents on scoring films.  Her inherent musicality and passion for the medium, along with years of classical training and performance experience are what make Lisbeth Scott such a revered film composer. 

Classically trained in piano, Lisbeth is fascinated with the textures of every instrument she lays her hands on. She began her keyboard studies at the age of 6 at the New England Conservatory and later added guitar, ukulele, harmonium, harp, dulcimer, and percussion. She has even been known to ‘saw” the strings of cello and violin now and then …(yes literally saw).

Among her many instruments, Lisbeth has an extensive collection of Kalimbas, 15 guitars both acoustic and electric, a traditional Koto, an Array Mbira (an electric 4-octave version of an African thumb piano), a Mongolian mouth harp, traditional Didgeridoo (a beautiful gift from a tour in Australia!) and chests full of oddly shaped percussion instruments from around the world. The most treasured part of her collection is her 6 foot 1911 Steinway O grand piano. These cherished instruments are often woven textures in Lisbeth’s scores. She also loves bringing the lyricism and emotional depth of her singing voice into her compositions.

Lisbeth has studied string arrangement and orchestration and was also a participant in the BMI conducting workshop under the direction of Lucas Richman. 

She is a member as composer and publisher of BMI, SAGAFTRA, AFM, The Television Academy, and The Dramatists Guild. 

Her philosophy? Music makes the world go round…it's everywhere….in the touch of ocean spray-on skin, the padding of feet on soft pine needles in the middle of a forest, the high pitched scream of a hawk overhead, the quiet stumbling of a bee making its way through the middle of a sunflower…..

The beauty of nature, sound, visual, story, and touch provides a connection between all beings.