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Performed by Lisbeth Scott and Orchid Quartet

The lush vocals, delicate piano melodies, subtle nature elements, and Orchid Quartet's passionate string playing on Calm and Comfort, are a balm for the senses and a reminder of all that is good in the world.

     As the solo voice and songwriter of over a decade of block buster films and tv shows for Hollywood’s top composers including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, James Horner, John Debney, Harry Gregson Williams, Laura Karpman, James Newton Howard and Nathan Barr on films such as AVATAR, Narnia, Shrek, Munich, The Passion, King Kong, Concussion, and more, Lisbeth Scott has brought her unique brand of soul searing beauty into the homes and hearts of millions with her emotional vocal performances and compositions. As a prolific composer for film and television her writing has a depth of vision and craft and a style uniquely her own. As a well established New Age artist on Hearts of Space Records, she has produced 13 releases and has over 10 million streams on Spotify and a wealth of followers and fans.

     With her new album Calm and Comfort, Scott has created her own sonic cinematic landscape that lives at the intersection of nature and music, using her voice, piano performance and string writing for the luscious Orchid Quartet to soothe the listener into a state of meditative calm. Performed live at Los Angeles’ iconic Bandrika Studios, this music is a healing antidote to the bombardments of a turbulent world. The music of Calm and Comfort transports the listener into the center of all that is good; a beautiful reminder of kindness, love, nature and light and of our own ability to transcend hatred and conflict and invoke peace and blissful joy.

People are talking about Calm and Comfort:

"Your music reaches out from such a genuinely heartfelt and wondrous place that yielding to its pure and beautifully crafted intentions is simply inevitable. A more peaceful landscape for these songs to inhabit would be truly difficult to find." - Harry Gregson Williams

"Calm and Comfort is  ...nothing short of magnificent. This music transports the listener to another place. A place deeply peaceful and soulful. I am so excited to listen to this work over and over again, and then again. It is that special…." - John Debney

Lisbeth’s work has been called “Absolutely ravishing” by Maestro John Williams, “Delicate and potent” by Variety... "perfection” by Yo Yo Ma.... “melodic, mesmerizing and masterful”...Amazon Music.



Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting my FYC page and for listening.

This recording was born during the pandemic. The melodies and string arrangements appeared in my head as I wondered what I could do to help calm an anxiety stricken world that was stuck inside the confines of a relentless virus.
I wanted to combine the lush and expansive voice of nature with the warmth of real strings, layered vocals and ambient piano melodies.

Before every recording session, the members of Orchid Quartet and I would set an intention that every note played and every sound created on this project would bring the listener to a world of peace, light, joy, calm, and beauty. Calm and Comfort is a celebration of the sound of love and I am thrilled to share it with the world!

I would love to listen to any submissions you have this year – please email me a link at

I truly hope you enjoy the music and would be honored to have your consideration in Best New Age Album.

With gratitude,



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