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A New Day......

Good morning! Lately I've been wondering about our morning rituals...we get up , hopefully from a restful sleep, slide into the kitchen for coffee or tea, open the computer and get ready for the horrible news of the world, shootings, hate, explosions, mobs crushing each other....and then we are ready for the day...with a frown on our faces, heaviness of heart, and a complete absence of faith in humanity....

but the thing is....there is so much beauty on the earth, and in humankind, and we have to work each day to bring it to the forefront of this picture we live.

I started today listening to the beautiful music of a dear friend. It made my heart open, made goosebumps rise on my arms, and put a smile on my face. How different the world looks then.

How much brighter the sun, how much sweeter the tea, and how much more soothing the seagull cry I hear from my porch.

This is one reason I am slowly creating my guided meditation series. To create a place on the earth for people to go to remember the goodness, within them and outside of them. ....above and surrounds us. We only have to open our minds, our hearts, and our eyes and take a step in that direction.....

So here's to a beautiful day for you.....we are extraordinary is that?

xoxox Lisbeth

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