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Calling all Nurturers.....

Hello lovely people! As we get close to Mother's day I thought I would expand it just a bit....Just a quick hi to say if you are the one who cares for those around you, 4 or 2 legged doesn't matter!....gender doesn't matter either!!!...thank you! I always feel it's an honor to be able to care those I long as I give equal time to myself!!That's the tricky part isn't it...but so incredibly important. Can't get water from an empty well.

Took me a while to figure out what that meant for me...who I was, what I needed ....but the result?

Peace! ahhh....and balance....and being able to create freely...

So thank you for being you and all you've done for others....and give yourself a pat on the back...

and maybe a solo walk or chocolate treat??:)

Speaking of nurturing...Almost done with my new album for Warner Chappell...and another new release as well so I'll write a more specific post for those as the time for release nears.

much love to you, Lisbeth

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