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Calm and Comfort Release!

Hello lovely people!

Hoping this finds you well....and going with the flow during this time of huge transformation! wow.....

In times of turbulence, I gravitate towards those things and people that help me through, give me support, help me breathe and keep me grounded in love and the good things that this life of ours brings to us each day.

So in keeping with that sentiment....Yesterday was the day that my new collection of music, Calm and Comfort, came into the world! ....and the timing couldn't be better yes? I created this music as a safe haven for everyone who hears it....a sonic space to find peace and solace and rejuvenation.....and a re-connection with nature.... from me to you with love! I hope you'll be able to give yourself a moment...or listen to the featured track of the release, Dream of Rain. I wrote it as a meditation on hope and transformation. So close your eyes and take a breath...I've included the link at the end of this message....

A while back I went on a weekend trip with a dear friend up to Muir Woods. The redwoods are stunning and palatial and so wise....but while I was walking into the deeper part of the woods, I had an sense of quiet sadness from the trees around me. We have to pay attention, to give back to nature...we have to work to rise above depression and anger and hopelessness and lift to a place of love and light, using whatever tools work for us as individuals. From that place it seems to me, we can positively affect the world and the people around us. However we are vibrating, affects those around us. The light is always there to help us! We just have to take a moment, put down the phone, shut the laptop, breathe and go within. I for one, tend to forget to do this often enough, and then I get enmeshed in the drama around me.

Something as simple as listening to a piece of music with positive intent, can shift your energy within seconds.

Each track on Calm and Comfort was written with the specific intention of lifting the heart of the!....and surrounding you with healing and light .

Over the coming weeks I look forward to sharing the music, and stories of its inception.

and feel free to share how the music makes you feel! You can send me a message here on the site.

Listen and watch here!:

Let's change the note at a time!

Much love, Lisbeth

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