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Dawn Light Release!

Hello lovely people...

A friend recently sent me one of the last interviews with the brilliant writer and philosopher

John O'Donohue and it struck a chord in me. He spoke of the inner landscape each of us has

and how what we see and hear influences every aspect of ourselves. and I

this is exactly what my new album Calm and Comfort is centered around! My whole purpose in

creating this album is to bring the beauty and healing elements of music and nature together

and let the listener experience the calm, the light, the relief that beauty in both nature and music can provide. We are drowning in digital mania and finding our way through one of the most intense periods in our lives, let alone history itself. And so I felt the need to provide a respite.

I wanted every element of the project to have the intention of peace and calm. I was lucky that the

stunning all female Orchid Quartet agreed to record the entire album with me and that luck was doubled when we were able to record at Nathan Barr's state of the art Bandrika studios. And one more

stroke of good fortune came upon me when Harry Risoleo and Paul Koch agreed to mix. and then Erika Gale Page agreed to create videos for the tracks......

Be the change , be the light....right? And my entire team was on board, like minded and ready to roll.

Of course at the helm, is Jon Birge , head of the Hearts of Space label with whom I am signed.

and he basically said, do whatever you want. We're behind you!

Sometimes it takes months of trudging through a dark forest before you get a glimpse of the light ahead.....and then suddenly you're there! Well.....we're here!

Yesterday the first track Dawn Light was released into the world and I feel like a proud parent.

It's on my youtube channel and available wherever you listen or buy on line.....

I used to wander a lot as a child, something many children don't have the privilege of doing any more.

I grew up near the Charles River outside of Boston. As young as 6, I would sneak out and find my way to the banks of river and just sit,watching and listening, for hours. I'd toss a stone and listen to the "dunk" of it's landing in the water. ....Hear the gentle lapping as the slow moving river sculpted the shore by my feet....the symphony of birds was never ending....a distant car, a plane above.....

and it was all music to me. I was always hearing it as tones colliding with each other; Counterpoint in the natural world.

The track Dawn Light was inspired by those moments upon waking when I'd sit at my window watching the pink and orange hues of the sky as the sun rose. And there was always one bird who sang first, waking the others. It was my meditation. It was my yoga. It was my salvation. And now I feel blessed to share it with you! So enjoy, be still, pop in some ear buds, or fit those head phones on tight....and float away! love xox

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