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Hello lovely people....Sit down and play the music in your soul....

Hi! Welcome to my new blog....I have found myself lately wanting to reconnect to the simple joy of playing music....these past 10 months we have only rarely been able to play music together.....and I miss the gigs at the Troubadour with my awesome band.....playing with musicians I only just met while touring Australia...those moments when you shift keys randomly, share the space between the notes lines when you've never even spoken to one another!....walking into a session with 150 orchestra players , breathing together, diving in together.... or simply just siting in a room with friends and starting a rhythm on the kitchen table that turns into a full on song!

One of my favorite memories is sitting the tub with my then boyfriend and improvising a plaintive vocal chant...the two of us playing with intervals and laughing ....what a gift we are all given with music! lifting us, allowing us to dive deep into a place in our souls that words could never find....and for those of us whose job it is to create lucky we are.....but also how aware we have to be! that music never becomes simply "a job" but rather always stems from the original need to express joy or pain or confusion or longing...or escape.... so my promise for today...keep every sense of the word!! keep living, keep loving and keep making music!.....xoxox Lisbeth

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