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How is it March 2023??

Hello lovely people....I'm hoping your new year has been full of good things....and if there are challenges, well you are not alone! Just breathe through them. I do a David Elliot breathing meditation every morning and even if it is only for 15 minutes, it starts my day off on the right foot...or breath...! My year began with a trip to Sundance to celebrate the film "The Disappearance of Shere Hite." I was so honored to score this incredible film about a brave woman who was way ahead of her time. Humans are so stubborn...aren't we? I have never understood, nor do I think I ever will, why so many of us choose jealousy and judgement over kindness and an open heart. So I feel all we can do is "be the change" . Be the light in the world and shine on others.

Speaking of shining on other people, I'm so happy so many people have been enjoying my recent release Calm and Comfort. Some mornings I just put on Dawn Light or Voices In The Wind and listen while I sit outside for a few minutes. It makes any anxiety leave my body and opens my heart so I feel ready to dive into the day. And if I've woken up grumpy, it helps soften the emotions!

For the past few weeks I've been working on two special projects that I won't share yet, but I am so very excited about them. They are so honest and real and the music feels like it dropped down from the sky! More on that soon....

I recently found a beautiful site that i've been sharing with all my friends and so wanted to share with you. It's and created by Jennifer Healey, a truly gifted writer whose words

and energy are literally a breath of fresh air!!

I was recently so honored to vote for this year's Academy Award films and in the process of familiarizing myself with everything that was nominated, got to watch an absolutely beautiful film called All That Breathes. I highly recommend taking some time to sit and journey into their world.

So stunning!

All for now....back to the studio! Sending much love out to you! Lisbeth

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