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I'm Performing Today.....

Hi lovely people! It's been a while since I've posted as life has been keeping me busy..

I'm hoping you are all well and happy....

Today I'll be doing a little performance for Music Cares at 1:00 west coast

4:00 east coast time....

The on line concert features a beautiful line up of musicians and I'm hoping you have

a moment to join!

here is the info.... Chris Difford of the band Squeeze has been hosting these concerts

for a while now.....

My guided meditation is just about there....just a bit more time needed to put it all together!!

But I promise I will reach out about it soon...

A few wonderful friends helped me film a little video for the performance today....the subject is

songs in the key of New York...hint...i'm not singing New York New York...

Sometimes I really miss New York, the architecture, the art, the music, the history...don't you? ah is a journey so on we go!

love, Lisbeth

PS: thought I'd share this studio photo...notice the 2 jars of honey on my studio desk!! Life's essentials! Have to keep things sweet....and also notice a tiny stuffed friend of Lily's on the couch!!

and yes that is a gorgeous painting by Outi Harma..... and yes a wonderful Udu drum in the back ground made by my friend Adrienne!!

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