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Interested in a Meditation Trial????

Hello lovely people....

Well I am getting closer to finishing the Temple of Light Guided Meditation.... and I need

some willing and able people in need of stress reduction to listen and give some feedback

so I can make sure everything is just right before making it available. This meditation is unlike any others...I have composed all the music myself. I have lovingly created a sonic landscape that will allow you total immersion in the experience.... and the journey will leave you blissed out and buzzing! My hope is that this will be a go to meditation for many of us as we juggle the strains and stresses that life throws our way...the freak outs, the self doubt, the physical pain, the confusion...need I say more? haha!! The thing I am always working on remembering is that life is indeed beautiful regardless of what we may be seeing around us and I hope to bring that realization in both mind and body for anyone who listens. ok....Send me a message here and I will be in touch about sending you the trial meditation.... if you're reading this on facebook, message me there. love and peace, Lisbeth

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