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My Little Temple of Light

In a time when everyone is competing for airspace, screen space, land space, digital space, and spiritual space, I find myself wanting to create an alternate space, a sort of safety zone. A place where you can go to slow down; to actually become more in tune with your own mind and heart rather than distract yourself or lose yourself in the speed and the stresses of someone else's story....A place where you can go to calm your soul and see the beauty of your own story and perhaps open the door to create a new chapter for yourself.... a place to go to say hello to the real you....the person that is buried and put on hold while we do what we "have" to do, or "should" do....

I have always lived somewhat of a nomadic existence. I've moved 12 times in 20 years, never putting down roots long enough for the dust to settle. Sometimes it was life events that moved me, other times I just outgrew where I was living. One of the constants in my life has always been music; sitting at the piano or guitar, or feeling my singing voice vibrate through my head and body.

The other constant in my life has been, and continues to be, my imagination.

I can remember as far back as 4 years old, getting very still and closing my eyes and imagining magical places in my mind. They were forests, or sea shores, or little cottages, or castles, or barns or boats ....but they were always filled to the brim with brilliant light and a music that only I could hear. My very favorite one was called (of course) my Temple of Light.

I have been drawn to light ever since I took my first breath...sunlight, fire light, fairy lights, twilight, starlight, moonlight, candle light, prism light, crystal light ......any light! So when I created my Temple of Light, I worked on it for days, refining the path, the plants and flowers,

the time of day, the sounds of wind and birds and leaves, the materials of the actual temple, the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture of each room, the sound of my footsteps.....every single detail.

And I've decided to recreate it in real life so I can share it with my friends and anyone who might be in need of relief from anxiety, expansion of breath, and a quieting of the mind....

It may take a bit so I'll share the process here. I'm going to include sound effects, and music as well (which I write of course) so that it is literally a journey we can go on together.

First step , write down the journey I take myself on so I can narrate it for you.

Stay tuned! with lots of love and an open heart and mind! xox

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