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Voices In The Wind

Hello Lovely people....

Yesterday I released a new track, Voices In the Wind. The release date was auspicious in many ways, the eve of the full Pink Moon, Passover, Good Friday...... a lot of transformation and rebirth in the air!

It is a time of holding fast to our belief in ourselves and our belief in goodness.

If you're like me, you are finding this time to be full of questions about the path forward, the state of the world, what more can we do as individuals to help those in need. It feels like the world is on a fast moving train and we can't get off!

So now more than ever I need some tools to calm and center my mind and body. Which is why I've created my album Calm and Comfort. I figure I am not the only one feeling this way! The full album comes out in June, but we've released 3 singles ahead of the entire project.

When I was little, I remember thinking everyone heard music in their heads like I did. I would get irritated when someone had the radio or tv on for too long because it muddied up the music I was hearing inside my brain!! Life is pretty magical.

It wasn't until years later in casual conversation with a teacher, when I was about 15, that I realized what I had was special.Voices In the Wind is a reflection of that time.....and of the way music slips through my brain constantly.

Wind, car, children's voices, trucks, dishwashers, sprinklers...everything I hear in any given day is part

of a larger piece of music. And so Voices In The Wind was born!

It features my favorite shell wind chimes , the gorgeous string playing of the members of the Orchid Quartet, many many tracks of my own vocals, and simple piano melodies. I wanted the listener to feel

like they were floating in the sky on a bed of soft flowers.

I also tuned the entire piece a bit differently, using 444 as the central A tone. The piece itself is in C major, which vibrates at 528. It is said, that 528 is the vibration of love.....and every single person on the planet is seeking love....and deserves love. Love is the great healer, if we can open to it.

And so this track is a 4 and 1/2 minute immersion into the frequency of love. I hope you feel this when you listen, and as always, thank you .

xoxo Lisbeth

and Here is the link to the video

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Thank you for this inside view into the beauty. Especially on the 444 frequency. I was getting a little tired of the “holiness of 432 Hz.”

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