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Alexa, Play Lisbeth Scott

Hello lovely people....Hoping the summer is going smoothly for you...

Do you ever find yourself feeling like life is a treadmill and you have to run faster and faster to keep up? I think I hear some of you laughing! Well life for independent musical artists has definitely turned into a race with algorithms! But I'm a Taurus...we don't stop. So in the interest of experimentation and unraveling the tangled bones of digital music promotion, we're asking any and all fans of my music, and artists like me, to ask Alexa to play Lisbeth Scott once a day for 7 days, from today until next Sunday. I'll let you know what affect if has on our algorithms friends. Oh, and be sure to pronounce my name clearly....apparently Alexa is picky like that!

In return I am happy to send some light and love your way. Actually I have a little glass jar I keep on my alter in front of some crystals and pictures of powerful figures in my life. I call it my blessing jar. I keep a pen and some small pieces of paper near by and when a friend needs an extra bit of love, or healing help, or protection, or celebration, I write the name on a paper and place it in the magic glass jar, and ask for a blessing to be delivered to that person. So, please do feel free to send me any requests. I am more than happy to add your name to the blessing jar. It's been known to work wonders! one of the best things in life is knowing someone else has your back! xoxoxo Lisbeth

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