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Our little Experiment worked!

Hello lovely people....Hoping wherever you are, you are staying cool. If you participated in my little Alexa experiment a few weeks back, thank you! It worked! Of course it's all so transient these days, the algorithms shifting and moving daily. But I keep making music. I'm in the process of creating ten new tracks of music which I'm excited about! I'll be previewing clips on my instagram account this week. I always find I have to be in a relaxed state myself in order to create a truly meditative piece of music. Sometimes when life gets in the way that's hard. So I have some go to folks that I visit for help with that in addition to my own meditation practice. David Elliot's breath work is a favorite. The pranayama breathing gets rid of any interference for me within 5 minutes!

I also love Jess Heslop. She has tons of free meditations on youtube for everything you can imagine. And Melanie Beckler is another favorite. These days I think we all need a little boost into a calm place once in a while. I also use tapping once quite often to knock out the negative brain talk! (Brad Yates on you tube). And yes sometimes I listen to Calm and Comfort and Om Sweet Om! The thing about listening to your own music is that while you're listening, you may be getting into a great energy and then suddenly think "Wait, why did I sing that note there?" But on we go.... Hope your day is beautiful....take lots of deep breaths to keep it that way!! I know I will!xoxoxo

And if you need a little music to breathe with.... Here's a link to Calm and Comfort!

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