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Happy June, Happy Pride month, Happy Life

Hi all....Do you ever find yourself resisting something your friends are pushing you to do

because it doesn't feel like you? and then you ask yourself....well wait....what exactly does feel like me? That happened to me recently.

I was in Montana at the brilliant Laura Munson's writing retreat at The Dancing Spirit Ranch, (working on that secret project I keep mentioning that I swear I will reveal soon) and it was our last night. We had been working from 9 am to 10 pm (Basically...cuz the mind is always working at these boot camps) and someone put on some music and said let's dance! and I thought oh it's been so long, time for introverted me to exit! But then I remembered thinking the week before about how much I missed dancing.......having been a dancer for years and years ....

so here it was. The giant opportunity! So I chose the song Fighter by X tina and that was all it took.

I closed my eyes and let myself have some damn fun.....Suddenly I was surrounded by booty shaking, and hysterical laughter ...and I must felt great. So much so that when I finally walked into my house after an endless day of travel, I pulled up one of my favorite tunes of mine (Ha! how egotistical is that?) and blasted it on repeat. And the nice thing was I knew all the words!!! (The song was Let It All Go from my album Bird btw)

It feels like the deeper I get into my work, and the balancing act that is life these days,, digital media, kids or animals, finding food that doesn't make you sick...etc etc....the fun kind of fades. Life becomes checking off items on a list. So my June resolution is to quit that, and bring back the fun. I finally set up my turntable and gave it an honored spot in my living room next to my dusty LPs . I might even have a turntable party and make everyone bring their favorite album, and Dance!!

The thing is, life is hard. We loose people we love in a split second, we loose a job, or a relationship, or a dream....and we keep breathing and we mourn or we change course or do whatever is required to keep going.

When I was in the airport on a layover recently I decided to look only for kindness around me and suddenly all I saw were people at every turn, being kind to each other. People from all walks of life were hugging, picking up dropped items, sharing food, stepping back in line to let someone else in, helping each other with luggage....and it was beautiful. Good people are everywhere. We just have to look, and we also have to be one of them.......and let's face it we have to have more fun....because fun makes you happy and happy people are kind to each other.

Much love and happiness to you!, Lisbeth

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