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Title: "Finding Peace Within: The New Meditation Series for a Calm and Comfortable Life"

Hello friends.....hoping this finds everyone peaceful...joyful....healthy...

For years and years I have wanted to share the meditations I use to manifest,

stay healthy, stay calm, and stay connected to the light. Now is the time!

I have started a series of meditations that I have posted on my youtube channel

and on my facebook music page. There are 5 available so far and I intend to keep creating them

until the year 2080, and if I'm gone by then, well I'll send them through the ether!!

The first is a meditation for grounding and relaxation, the second for Calming the Mind, the third for Manifesting Abundance of any sort, the 4th for Energy Clearing, and there is a 5th for Calming Anxiety as well a few shorter resets . I'm attaching the link to both my facebook music page and my Youtube Channel. Please do subscribe to the channel if you want, as if you enjoy the videos then I can notify you when each new one is completed and uploaded.

Sometimes making a difference in life is as simple as sitting down and doing what comes to you naturally....and sometimes it's hard to remember that! We're so married to the struggle!! I think we could all use less struggle, more ease, more light, more joy. Less hate, more love. Less fear , more inspiration. I'm so happy to share with you what comes naturally to me.

I hope whenever you are reading this, that it brings a bit of something good into your life. And please know I am always sending that out to you.

All good things! Lisbeth

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