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Breathing Ocean Waves Released Today!...

Hello lovely people....

I am hoping this finds you peaceful ....

Isn't it amazing how many emotions we go through on a daily basis? Especially now

with atrocities and challenges and demands bombarding us for most of the day....

I created my new album to address this very thing...Everyone I talk with is feeling overwhelmed

and so we all need a moment to breathe, so send a prayer, to sit in gratitude, to feel love, and to release tears that may be stored in our hearts.....I'm hoping you can take 5 minutes , lie back,

put one hand on your heart, and one on your stomach, and breathe while listening to this track.

I guarantee when you are done, you will feel calmer than when you began.

Let me know your experience!and feel free to post and share if you have a positive experience...

#lisbethscottmusic #calmandcomfort sending you much love and light always! xo Lisbeth

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